Tropic Tonic

Have you seen the leaves?  Green and glossy prints of tropical plants are gracing the homewares and fashion scene this summer - Tropical style is trending! Even if I can't inspire relaxation for your Christmas shopping, I'd like to show some ways you can take this new taste for the tropics into your home in time for summer celebrations.

This new take on what used to be known as Tropical Colonial Style uses a base of crisp white cabinetry, with darker grains of  timber and rattan furniture or lighting.  Colour is provided by the large leaves of tropical foliage, with every green from charteuse to emerald being represented.

Green accents don't have to be live ones - jewel tones of olive and emerald look stunnning in velvet cushions and palm prints add a touch of holiday luxury.

Tropical furniture is light and moveable, looking as beautiful at a formal dinner as on the verandah for sundowners.  Mahogany and Cane are preferred materials,  both lending themselves to distinctive details such as the latticed back of this chair.

Bring the luxury of a tropical hotel into your bathroom with fluffy white towells, sisal matting and an upholstered stool. Just a few fronds of gorgeous green in a glass vessel will reflect in the mirror to give a look of lush abundance.

tropical collage.png